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With over 1000 hours of trainings under his belt, Jake Paul White has been studying the art of movement for over 10 years. With keen attention to detail and an obsession for fluidity in movement, Jake builds his classes on two principles : balance and creativity. He believes that balance and unificationbetween the mind and body is the key component to any class, while creativity allows for the freedom of self-expression. Jake is also highly trained in alignment and adjustments to make any student whether a beginner or an expert feel safe and comfortable in class. No matter what class one takes from Jake, you will see his true nature of imparting knowledge for others to grasp. This is the sign of a truly influential teacher and individual.

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The Voice

Jake's Teaching


They say the word luck stands for "learning under correct knowledge". Any individual seeking knowledge in the field of movement, yoga, Budokon, and more will definitely have this luck should they have the opportunity to attend one of Jake Paul Whites teachings. Jake believes firmly in the 80/20 principle which states that 20% of correct "luck" effort, will yield 80% of the results. He is about streamlining and refining this process to all of his students, new or old, beginner or expert


Jakes teachings reflect his passion and creativity regarding the aesthetics of movement combined with correct alignment. Unique to his teachings, Jake places his importance on the journey (transitions) of each pose rather than the destination (pose) itself. It is this train of thought that has made Jake such an influential teacher in the yoga community. With his insatiable desire to constantly grow and change in this ever expanding field, Jakes teachings are constantly evolving and growing in exponential ways. With over 1000 hours of training in yoga and Budokon yoga at the young age of 26, his motivation to share, teach, and give is completely clear and worth the experience.

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What Goes Down

Jake's Classses


Jakes classes can be described with one word: BALANCE. The two elements being balanced here are the between warrior and the yogi within each of us. Finding grace and peace through each transition while having full confidence in maintaining the warrior nature is key. Change occurs in each class as the warrior nature in us fights and changes that which we can. The yogi side in each of us allows us to embrace this change without resentment or attachment to emotions while being at peace with that which we cannot change. Jakes classes aim to inspire you and to challenge you allowing new pathways to be created in terms of self awareness and becoming a more powerful and stronger you. From the physical pose to the non-physical mind, this is where the journey lies.

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You can not teach a person anything. You can only inspire a willingness to learn. And to that what unfolds has been inside all along.
— Cameron Shayne