Jake Paul White

Jake Paul White is a Brighton Based, Budokon Yoga Teacher and Mixed Movement Artist. With over 1000 hours of trainings under his belt, Jake Paul White has been studying the art of movement for over 10 years. With keen attention to detail and an obsession for fluidity in movement.

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I believe that everyone is extraordinary and I want everyone to reach their full potential. By conquering our body and moving with strength and grace, I believe the strong outer body reflects the inner mind.

Teaching style

Jake Paul White

Jakes teachings reflect his passion and creativity regarding the aesthetics of movement combined with correct alignment. Unique to his teachings, Jake places his importance on the journey (transitions) of each pose rather than the destination (pose) itself. It is this train of thought that has made Jake such an influential teacher in the yoga community.

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Budokon Animal Locomotion
Budokon Yoga
Jake Paul White Budokon Yoga
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Budokon Yoga
In budokon we are cultivating the warrior that lies within each of us, and the yogi that lies within each of us. The warrior who is fighting for that we can change and the yogi who is excepting and embracing that we can not change.
— cameron shayne


Mixed Movement

Budokon Yoga is a multi-faceted practice which captivates the mind, body, and spirit. Through mixed movement arts, Budokon incorporates numerous types of movement practices with a deeper purpose than just movement. It is the way of the warrior.

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Cultivating presence in the moment through complete acceptance of where one stands. Peacefully Embracing the change that is possible, while being at peace with that which is unchangeable.

animal locomotion

The full body connection of movement. Uniting the mind and body as one, Animal locomotion uses the whole brain to produce adaptable and complex movements through individual creativity.


Beauty in strength. The most efficient way to produce a powerful, connected, and agile body. Calisthenics allows one to reach high levels of body control through raw movements.



The ability to activate our strength that lies within us. Whether outside events or inner battles, the martial arts gives us the strength and knowledge of when to fight for peace and harmony within.

The development of physical prowess, high emotional intelligence, and good character are my primary focus.


Jake Classes

Jakes classes can be described with one word: BALANCE. The two elements being balanced here are the between warrior and the yogi within each of us. Finding grace and peace through each transition while having full confidence in maintaining the warrior nature is key. Change occurs in each class as the warrior nature in us fights and changes that which we can. The yogi side in each of us allows us to embrace this change without resentment or attachment to emotions while being at peace with that which we cannot change. 

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Jake Paul White Yoga Teacher
Budokon Yoga Class
Jake Paul White Yoga
Budokon Primary Series
Jake Paul White Budokon Teacher
The way you do anything is the way you do everything
— cameron shayne